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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 56




Written By Miraxzeebility…

On one fateful evening i had flagged down the hausa babe ,Maryam by name she was so free and was even laughing as i cracked some few jokes and wasnt reluctant when i asked for her number,i knew she must had fall for my daily full gaze trick. Omo In my mind i was already fantazizing about lifting her hijab and penetrating,lmao no time.

I didn’t tell any of my cousins at least not yet. Then came the day i had spilled the bean about me liking her and wanna do lots of things with her.

“things like”? (Her English is well tainted)

i described how i will take my time to suck all nutrients from her mouth.

“i need a spontaneous chance to prove all i want in suleja is you”


that night she called me out of my gate telling me she needed me to help her sort something on her BB phone. I sneaked out and located her under a tree at the back of my Uncle’s house.

She was on her usual hijab and it didn’t look i had a chance of tasting her lips that night but you all know all things work together for good to those who love the Lord. After updating her whatsapp i gave her the phone as she bade me goodnight. Before she could take any step further i held her hands and gave her a 10 secs kiss.
I withdrew and went into the house fulfilled.

“urhm urhm”,
“Miracle worker”
“the Son of focus”

my cousins were hailing me letting me know they saw my expedition. I had to beg them with knees on the ground to reduce the pitch of their voice cos my Uncle and his wife were in their room.

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“when are you gonna do her”,Viki the eldest asked.

“do wetin”, i zereoed their mind at least for now or so i thought.

That night the devil used Chika as she told me to Kiss her or else?, Yes i did kiss her.

To Be Continued…