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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 55



Written By Miraxzeebility…


After the social activity i had gathered lots of respect from folks and foes alike,everything was going wella for me, a superstar i was and a superstar i wanted to always stay as.

The Ss3 students left but not before i handled my school mum to a farewell treat.before she left she literally handed me over to her kid sis Angela,the remaining period of the term went wella then came the holidays one of my best though something unlovely happened.

I had travelled down to Suleja(Niger state) to spend parts of the long vacation with some family friends. My first day was the doom day, i had a confrontation with one Northern thus who insisted i give him my phone or else he will knife cut me.

It all started minutes after i alighted from the cab that took me to suleja i had to pay an extra 3bucks to the driver so he could drop me at the township stadium which is very close to ma destination.


“hey zo annan”, the black rough looking boy called at me.
I was scared cos i know how those kind of beings behaved but i comported myself promising not to concur to his extortion at least not without some blows.
No be small thing that day ooo. I stood my ground of refusing to give out my phone no matter what it cost.

“keria kakayi”(na lie u talk), i was saying gently to him with a wicked smile on my face.
The dude even showed me a knife o in broad day light and i was like

“you have to kill me first”.

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He left me when he realized am also an indigine as par say i stood my ground and showed no fears.

“dienscar,wawa”, was the last insult he hurled as he left without shame.

Lols, tha was how i survived that one, another incident occurred during my stay.

There was this hausa bae that i always see passing the front my Uncle’s house(a simple 3 bedroom bungalow). Her hijab fit her round face perfectly while her assets were moderately accessible even with the hijab on you could see the outlines.

I had stayed a week,though mt uncle had only 3 girls ,1 my age mate 2 seniors i never felt bored at all.the girls especially Chika (my agemate) occupied me, we engaged in fake wrestling duels(no strings attached) something i always look forward to cos i always come ontop and watch movies (they initiated my love for korean movies). So you guys should no i was having a good time but it wasnt complete at least not without some p’s.

To Be Continued…