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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)… Part 54




Written By Miraxzeebility…

saw Jade the host eye groped. ‘what the hell’,

still holding my phone upwards i was already imagining having a damned reputation in sight of ma UK peeps .


“i asked him too do me the favour”, Dan’s sister saved me from a disaster. I even wasnt aware she was aware of ma videoing

“oh i see”, Jade replied with a very Angered tone.

Like a shamed mugu i realised my swags had just drop some bars.
‘Opa jaja!!!!!!!’
i had to do something or at least say something to redeem my integrity in the eyes of Jade who was now seating on a cushion beside mine observing the show .

I was about saying a word when Dan’s sister asked me come join the party,(she had earlier asked Jade who turned down the invitation)

“am sorry”,i said to Jade.

“for what”,her British accent made the words funny.

“for videoing your friends and also………..”,i was already heading to the sodomers to get a taste of some pushis. My Joystick was already saluting,

“good boy”, Dan’s sister’s partner welcomed me as she started unzipping my trousers(she was sitting on Dan’s sister’s face).

Releasing my Joystick from its cage she waohed and was soon giving me mouth action.

Feeling like am on top of the world Unclad as in imagine yourself flying Unclad, the cool breeze on your organ.seriously,that’s the best illustration i can give on the feeling i experienced when that black chick was sucking the hell outta me.

She was bouncing on Dan’s sister’s face with my Joystick in her mouth, i was already involuntarily fvvvking her mouth.

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I felt my eruption and she felt it also so she withdrew her mouth from my Joystick and i applied my technique. I glanced towards Jade and saw her still engrossed in our show.

Dan’s sister was by now using a black rubber didldo(una understand) i squeezed her Bosom as i gave her a full kiss. The other girl drew ma head back and whispered
“your host is lonely” as she lay on top of Dans sis and inserted the other end of the didldo in her.

Standing confused with an erect Joystick as i was contemplating on doing what i was about to do. I glanced at Jade and saw her looking or staring at my Junior so i had to do something before something do me.

I walked briskly to her and held her face, my mouth was about planting on hers when she pushed my head away,put her hand in a bag and brought a bottle.

‘omo na mouth wash this girl dey give me o’ i felt insulted but i decided to play cool as i collected the bottle took a shot and threw the bottle one side as i rushed her mouth. She opened her mouth and i transferred the whole content of the mouth wash to hers.

“shege danboroba”,i said aloud as she finished babbling after she disengaged the kiss.

“what”, she said.

“it means you look s*xy** and beautiful when angry” i replied with the most sincere smile i had ever put on

Her face changed to a smile and i realised this humane can be triggered bt flattery.

Her mouth was now the activate of the kiss as we started a sweet love episode.

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To cut long story short i released all my contents into her and i could see the fear in her eyes when she realised what happened.

I stood up from the bed and headed to the bathroom, it was a Sunday and my mum had left a note telling me she will be back before dinner.

I wore one of my suits a red one as i located a cathedral to fellowship. After the service i headed to the hotel room and ordered for lunch ,i ate and was scrolling my phone(locking my video folder, you all know why) when i remembered it had been a while i heard from Mrs Daura so i sent her a message.

“CALL ME NOW IF YOU MISS ME”. she must had surely missed me cos her number called me some minutes later.

“hello who are you”, a northernized male voice came through as i picked up.

To Be Continued…