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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 168





Written by Kevin_88…

“Best. Bleeping. Night. Ever. Look at this Sh*t man!” Chris said waving his hand over the girls.

“I know man, who would’ve thought! They hated each other and now look at them, in a big s*x ball helping each other get off!” I said.

“Well downing all that liquor earlier didn’t help, but Sh*t I’m not complaining!”

We leaned forward as far as we could and gave each other a high five, knowing stuff like this usually only happens in pornos, but relishing that it was happening to us. Stephanie came around the side and sucked on Rita’s other tit and flicked at her clit while I was Bleeping her, and Ashley hung her Buttocks right over Rita’s face, which she grabbed in both hands and picked up where Stephanie left off. The sounds echoing around the room changed from a lot of moaning to a lot of smacking noises between Rita getting her tits sucked on, Ashley getting eaten out, and Stephanie getting F***ed by Chris, and what an amazing sound it was. I could only imagine what we’d be doing if Becky had managed to weasel into staying, we’d probably still be drinking, or would she have joined in at some point? That would have been something if she did. I focused back on the scene in front of me as I had to do so many times tonight and couldn’t help but notice the change in positions that happened while I was daydreaming. Steph and Rita were 69ing each other while still getting F**K by us, and Ashley was kissing Chris, I mean actually kissing him, full on spit swapping tongue twisting kissing. To say I was surprised of course would be an understatement. I wondered how long I was daydreaming for this to take place. Ashley just said she wasn’t ready to jump back into guy stuff just yet but there she was making out with Chris with his hand cupped firmly on her Buttocks. Maybe she meant full on s*x wise, but either way she took a big step at that moment, and Chris was soaking it up.

“What’s this you said about not wanting to jump back into guys yet?” I teased.

“It’s a baby step,” Ashley said breaking the kiss with Chris. “We’re not Bleeping, we’re not doing oral, and his mouth tastes like Kittycat, I’m ok with that.”

“What about his hand on your Buttocks, all it takes is a slip of the finger…”

“Then I’ll give him a slip of my fist, he knows the boundaries.”

“F**K! I NEED TO Pour AGAIN!” Rita screamed from underneath Stephanie’s Kittycat.

“I came twice already, but that third one is sounding pretty good right now,” Stephanie said.

She got off of Rita and pushed him back onto the couch and started riding him again while Ashley watched as she played with herself. Rita got up and bent over the arm of the couch so her elbows were touching it and spread her legs like she was getting searched. I was right behind her with my Joystick in hand ready to push it back into her when she stopped me.

“No, not there, I want it in my Buttocks now, and I want it hard too!”

“What?!” Ashley said from over by the couch. “You’re about to let him F**K you in the Buttocks?”

“F**K yeah! It won’t be the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last.”

“I gotta see this. I never actually seen anyone get F***ed in the Buttocks in real life.”

I don’t know how, but she fit herself in between the little space between our legs and the couch and was looking up at my Joystick about to be shoved into her Buttocks. Since I didn’t warm her up for it or anything throughout the night I dipped into her Kittycat to lubricate my Joystick and opened her up a little with my thumb, and when I felt she was ready enough I put my Joystick at her asshole and pushed in. it only took about ten seconds before I was completely buried in her Buttocks.

“Holy Bleeping Sh*t Rita! You just took the whole thing! Does it hurt?” Ashley asked.

“No, it feels so Bleeping gooooooooooood! F**K me harder Randy, F**K me!” Rita moaned.

I pulled my Joystick out slowly just to tease her a little and when she started to whine I slammed it back into her, making her lose her balance for a second before she gathered herself. She regrouped herself and was way more stable as I stopped the teasing and rammed inside her Buttocks over and over with Ashley right under us. I could feel my balls swinging around and slapping the underside of her Kittycat, it kinda hurt a little with as fast as I was going, but I was too far along to stop now, I couldn’t if I wanted to anyway, I was on autopilot and Rita’s constant moaning and the sound of her Buttocks clapping against me made stopping impossible.

“F**K! TEAR THAT Buttocks UP BABY! F**K ME LIKE I’M A Bleeping Sl*t!” Rita screamed.

“This is Bleeping amazing,” Ashley said still under us. “He’s Bleeping the Sh*t out of her Buttocks and she not only loves it, she’s begging for more! I wish I had a camera for this!”

“You got the best view in the house, enjoy it while it lasts,” I said.

“Oh I’m not Bleeping going anywhere, even if you Pour I’m gonna stay right here!”

“That’s good to know, because that’ll be happening in no time if I keep this up.”

I continued pounding Rita for all I was worth, enjoying the tightness of her Buttocks, but flinching every once in a while when my balls slapped against her too hard, but it was a necessary sacrifice for the deed I was doing. Rita had her back arched the whole time I was Bleeping her and then changed it up when she pushed up on her hands.

“F**K Ashley! You just can’t get enough of my Kittycat can you!”

“Not I know why Randy eats it so much, it’s always so juicy, just waiting to be licked!”

Rita had the best of both worlds. She was getting oral and anal at the same time. I grabbed her arms at the elbows and used them to manually arch her back, exposing more of her Kittycat to Ashley who was only too eager to step in and clean her up, or at least try to.

“Right there Chris, right there! Don’t you stop, I’m cumming!” Stephanie screamed.

“You either Randy, I’m about to Pour too, keep F**K me harder, harder! Harder!” Rita said.

I could feel her muscles contracting over and over and I knew she was close, but there was a problem, so was I. I almost always came after she did, I don’t know if it was the liquor, or Ashley being there, or whatever new circumstances popped up tonight, but I knew I was about to Pour too, it was just a matter of who would get theirs first. I knew Rita would kill me if I came first and she lost her orgasm, she’d literally kill me, nymphos can’t afford to miss out on a really good orgasm, so I mustered up all my drunken energy and will power and made it my mission not to come until I was the floor get wet with Rita’s pineapple flavored Pour. I had to build her up fast, me Bleeping her fast like that was the only way to make her Pour, but it was pushing me closer too. I needed her to come now, and to do that, I needed some help.

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“Ashley, work your magic. Let’s give her the best of both worlds.”

Turns out that was all I needed to say. Ashley’s hands went directly to Rita’s Tips and judging by her immediate reaction her tongue went straight to her clit. She had one of the best tongues around eating her Kittycat and the Joystick she loved so much stuffed up her Buttocks again and again with growing force, she was done. Right away I could feel her walls squeeze tight and clamp down, and she let her head drop with her hair swinging wildly everywhere.

“Here it comes! Ashley you better move or you’re gonna get Bleeping drenched!” I said.

“Nope, I said I’m staying right here and I’m staying right here, if she soaks me, good.”

“Ok, I tried to warn you,” I said as Rita threw her head back up as her body tensed up.

“I’m cumming! Oh my god! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Just as I said, Ashley got drenched. Rita’s Pour just poured out of her all over Ashley’s face and Unclad body, but she stayed there and let it happen. Rita was up on her tippy toes, but had her back arched, but had her head leaning forward, and was switching from gritting her teeth to exhaling a long silent moan as her body emptied everything she drunk in the last week all over Ashley. I was still Bleeping her the whole time she was cumming, and when her orgasm finally came to a rest, her body was almost unable to stand up on its own, so I went back to holding her up by her hips while the top half of her body just basically dangled there until she fell forward on the couch, accidentally propping herself up. Not having to force myself to hold back anymore I relaxed myself and kept on Bleeping her. Ashley was still under us wiping her face off from after Rita gushed all over it, but miraculously her hair was untouched. Rita squeezed her muscles around me one more time before she propped herself back up on her hands.

“Come on baby, Pour inside my Buttocks, I know you want to,” Rita moaned.

Yes I did, and I was about to. I could feel it about to happen and I grabbed her hips and smashed into her as hard as I could before I lodged myself inside her and squirted who knows how much Pour inside her. I gritted my teeth and she huffed for air each time a hot stream of Pour shot off inside her, which was plenty often. I could actually feel my balls pumping Pour inside her, it was both a weird and amazing sensation to actually feel it as it happened. When I finally let up I was so spent I didn’t even try to find anywhere to sit down, I just collapsed backwards on the floor behind me, which was good because the floor was nice and cold, and spacious, something that I needed a lot of at that moment. The spacious part didn’t last that long because Rita was laying on top of me with her head on my chest in a matter of seconds after I hit the floor, but I was willing to do without for her. I turned my head enough to catch a glimpse of Stephanie and Chris, they were sitting on the couch with Chris still inside her, but they weren’t moving, like he already came and she didn’t want him to pull out yet, and Ashley was sat on the floor with her back to the couch with the biggest grin on her face.

“Holy mother of F**K!” Ashley said. “If I smoked, I’d need a whole frickin pack after that!”

“It’s so hot! What happened to you opening up the windows?” I asked.


“Oh yeah, I forgot because I got distracted by the orgy that was going on in my living room, my bad. What the F**K though Randy, you were Bleeping her so hard I could feel it!”

“That’s how she likes it, you see she kept asking for it harder.”

“Your Buttocks doesn’t even hurt a little bit? After all that?”

“Nope. I guess I’m one of those girls who can take it better than others.”

“I bet! I had a first person view of it, you were getting wetter the more he F***ed you. That’s an image that’ll be burned in my head for the rest of my life!”

“Hey how about that air though, turn on an a/c or something, please,” I begged.

I could feel my buzz slipping back since I wasn’t moving around anymore. I heard the a/c come on and breathed a huge sigh of relief as the room slowly started to get colder by the second. I wrapped my arms around Rita who was still on top of me and kissed the top of her head since it was the only thing I could reach, and she slid up my body and kissed me on the lips.

“Mmmmmm, you taste like whiskey, pineapples, and Kittycat,” Rita grinned.

“Yeah I can still taste it too, I think my buzz is coming back, everything’s getting all droopy.”

“We gotta get you used to alcohol more, none of us are feeling the effects anymore except you, we practically sweated it out and you still have a buzz going.”

“You had mom and Aunt Lisa as your drinking buddies, it’s no wonder you built up a tolerance.”

“Yeah, and dad doesn’t drink nowhere near as much as they do.”

“That’s all I’m trying to say. Hey Stephanie, Chris, what you doing over there?”

“The same thing you’re doing, only we do it sexier,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah right, we wrote the book on s*xy** and sold it to you two,” Rita said.

“Must’ve been east to write since you were basing it off our s*x life,” Chris jumped in.

“Even after all that liquor and s*x still quick with a comeback,” I said. “Damn buzz, as long as I don’t drink anything else tonight I should be good by tomorrow morning.”

Right on cue, Ashley walked in with another big bottle of liquor. “Alright, time for round two!”

“Round two? I still need time to recover from round one!”

“Awww you’ll be fine, it’s not like you’re going anywhere tonight anyway.”

She brought new shot glasses and poured everyone a glass and sat them in front of us. I just looked at mine. All the glasses looked like they had three shots worth in each one. Once I downed it I knew there was no chance of me waking up without a hangover, at least not without a chaser. Rita sat up in my lap and picked up her glass and handed me mine, Stephanie and Chris picked up theirs, and Ashley raised her glass for a toast.

“To you s*x crazed freaky brothers and sisters, never in my life have I been a part of something like that, nor have I ever came white cream. To many more nights like this!”

Everybody raised their glasses and finished their drinks in seconds, but I was having a hard time talking myself into drinking it. I know she’ll wanna finish the whole big Buttocks bottle, and I also knew if I had too many more shots like this, I’d be done for the night.

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“Come on Randy, bottoms up! We’re waiting on you!” Ashley said standing there still Unclad.

Everybody was waiting on me to drink, and I didn’t feel like drunk arguing with anybody, it would get absolutely nowhere, so a sighed and raised my glass and finished the shot, even though it took me about twenty seconds to do so. “Just to let everybody know, when I get pass out drunk like I know I’m gonna, if I throw up, you’re all responsible for cleaning it up, and making sure I don’t run down the street Unclad, and getting me dressed, so you know.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time for a couple of those,” Chris laughed.

“Speaking of Unclad, you got comfortable around us pretty fast Ashley,” Stephanie said.

“After everything that just happened there’s no need to be shy anymore,” Ashley said.

“Just don’t get too much like us, after a while you won’t even care where you’re at, you’ll find yourself more Unclad no matter what time of day it is,” Rita said.

“Like today? It’s not even midnight yet, we still got a long night ahead of us!”

A long night ahead of us indeed. Just as I thought Ashley kept refilling the shot glasses until the bottle was gone, and noone sounded like they were getting re-drunk, except me. She got at least six more shots for each of us out of that bottle that I could remember, but I was phasing out by the third one. I could still hear everybody laughing but it was getting to that point where everyone’s voices were getting to that slowed down deep voice thing, but still I kept taking my shots. I could feel Rita’s hand massaging my Joystick and balls, but she had to know with the state I was in anything that happened she’d have to make happen herself.

“Don’t you pass out yet, I’m not done with you,” Rita said with that slowed down voice.

“Too late,” was all I managed to get out before I felt my eyes close and I welcomed sleep, the surroundings slowly fading to black as that last shot put me out for the night.


I don’t know what time it was when I woke up the next day, but I immediately noticed three things after I had a minute to shake off being disoriented… nothing else happened after I passed out because everyone was still in their same spots, it was cold as Sh*t, and I had a headache the size of the empire state building. I sat up slowly, making sure not to make any sudden moves or too much noise. It looked like there was a frat party here, all our clothes were thrown all over the living room mixed in with a bunch of empty liquor bottles and couch pillows thrown all over the place, I’ll say this, it was definitely a night to remember, I’m actually surprised I was able to remember anything with as drunk as I was. I must’ve been making too much noise in my effort to be quiet because one by one everybody started to wake up.

“What’s that… oh, it’s just you. Pass out a little early did you?” Stephanie teased.

“Ugh, I might’ve took a little nap just to reset myself,” I said back.

“NAP? YOU WERE Bleeping PASSED OUT MAN!” Chris laughed.

Right away my head started pounding. “Damit man shhhhhhhh! Not so loud!”

“Oh right I forgot, you still have you training wheels on when it comes to drinking!”

“Rather when I’m drinking then when I’m having s*x!”


More ringing. “Ok man, jesus, chill! I knew I should’ve quit drinking!”

“Why the hell are we still Unclad? And why is it freezing in here?” Ashley asked.

“Because it was hot when we finally went to sleep, six bottles ago,” Rita said.

“What happened after I passed out? I can’t remember anything after that.”

“Rita tried to F**K you again but you were too far gone, so we just finished a couple more bottles since we were too lazy to get up and get more then we all passed out,” Ashley said.

“Can you turn that a/c off? It feels like Antarctica in here!”

“And how would you know what Antarctica feels like? You’ve never been there,” Chris said.

“I know it’s cold as F**K just like it is in here, and can we keep the noise down please.”

“Why didn’t you take a chaser? I had some on the table,” Ashley said.

“I forgot to ask for one, I was already too drunk to remember bringing it up.”

I stood up and sat on the pillowless couch. “Well at least we were kinda clean drunks, all there really is to clean is some shot glasses, throw away a few bottles, and put the pillows back.”

“Not to mention all these clothes thrown around the living room,” Rita added.

“We’ll be putting those back on when we leave so that’s not a big deal,” Stephanie said.

“Ahh, my head! Is anyone else even close to having a hangover or am I the only one?” I asked.

“Looks like you’re the only one, everybody else looks fine, but look at it this way, you just leveled up your alcohol tolerance level by at least three levels after last night.”

“Yay. All I need is for this headache to go away and I can celebrate.”

“With more liquor. I like your thinking. But not right away, I don’t want you guys turning into alcoholics, much less think I’m one,” Ashley said.

“I wouldn’t worry about that part too much. Ok I need to find my clothes, I’ve been Unclad for a little too long and it’s still cold as Sh*t in here.”

We got up and started scoping around the living room, looking for anything that resembled what we were wearing the day before. The only thing I found of mine was my boxers, everything else was either womens clothes or Chris had already put it on.

“Dammit where’s my stuff? Where’d you throw my clothes Rita!”

“They’re in here somewhere! I threw everything over in that area I think.”

I went to the area she pointed to and found my shorts behind the TV and a shoe tangled in the wires, but I was having trouble finding the other stuff. “I’m never gonna find my stuff.”

“You got all day, I’m not doing anything today I don’t think,” Ashley said.

I put on my shorts (which took longer than it should have) and checked to make sure everything was there… phone, wallet, keys, I was good. I pulled out my phone to check if I had any missed calls or anything, and boy did I, seven missed calls, and five texts, all from mom.

“Sh*t! The vacations over today! What time is it?” I said hurting my own head.

“You’re looking at your phone genius just check,” Chris said gathering his stuff.

I bypassed the dumb moment I had and checked the clock, it was 11:37, they were no doubt already home, but after reading some of the texts I found out they stopped off to get something to eat first and were trying to get us to come, too bad we were passed out.

“Man I completely forgot, or it slipped my mind, whatever, we gotta go!” I said.

“Relax Randy, it’s not the end of the world, they won’t kill us for being late,” Stephanie said.

To Be Continued…