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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)… Part 167





Written by Kevin_88…

“Well you were awfully quiet since he started talking, like you were thinking about something, like you were thinking about a big something,” Stephanie teased.

“It’s gonna take a little more than that to just give in, I’ve been on the other side too long, I can’t just jump back into it, or onto it for that matter,” Ashley responded.

“Well if you’re considering it in the near future I might let you borrow Chris to use as practice for a few times, it’s gonna cost you though,” Stephanie said.

“What the? You can’t sell me! What kind of Sh*t is that!” Chris yelled.

“And on THAT note, we’re killing this entire bottle right now,” Ashley laughed as she pulled out the double shot glasses and filled everyone’s up to the rim. “Bottoms all the way up!”

We didn’t even play the game anymore, we were just taking shot after shot after shot until the bottle was gone. By now I was way into buzzed and was on my way to being drunk, but unlike the last time I was trying to be more aware of my surroundings. Everyone else looked like they were feeling the effects of knocking back 5+ straight shots too so at least I wasn’t alone, but being the only lightweight I was definitely farther along than everyone else.

“Yeah, I’m d-definitely not gonna be able to d-drive home tonight,” I said stuttering a little.

“Us neither, the liquor will really kick in when it’s time to go,” Stephanie said.

“We’ll probably be too lazy to do anything anyway once it kicks in,” Ashley said.

“Speak for yourself, look at Rita, she’s feeling something, but it’s not lazy,” Chris said.

We all looked at Rita who had her eyes closed rubbing her Kittycat through her pants, either completely oblivious to the fact we were there or she just didn’t care, either way, she was putting on a show for all of us and none of us dared to look away.”

“Too much alcohol made you a little frisky Rita?” Ashley asked.

“Made me horny! Are all the doors locked in here?”

“Umm yeah, why?”

“Is anybody coming back the rest of the night for anything?”

“No I don’t think so, why what are you about to do?”

She didn’t say anything, she just hopped straight into my lap and had her lips on mine within seconds. The liquor was really strong on her breath as she occasionally broke the kiss to kiss another part of my face before she went back to my lips.

“Holy Sh*t they’re gonna F**K right here!” Ashley said with excitement.

“This is nothing new, happens all the time with us,” Chris said.

“Not nearly enough as them though, but we can change that,” Stephanie said as she did the same thing Rita did and climbed in Chris’ lap and started kissing him.

“I don’t know whether to be excited of frustrated, how the hell is all this s*x about to happen in my house and I’m not a part of it?” Ashley whined.

“Just sit back and enjoy the show, and open a window, it’s gonna get real hot,” Chris said.

“I don’t wanna sit back and watch, I wanna participate!”

“If you’d let us go home you wouldn’t have to torture yourself, now you’re gonna have to watch me F**K Randy like there’s no tomorrow,” Rita said.

“And that’s not even the alcohol talking, that’s regular Rita!” I said.

She lifted my shirt over my head then pulled hers off and flung them off into the sunset. I tried my best to stay focused on everything going on around me, but the shots were definitely making it hard, in both ways. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra when she saw Ashley sitting there staring intently at us, or maybe just at her.

“I can’t reach it Ashley, can you come give me a hand?”

We paused for a second, not knowing what to make of the situation, but Rita held that smile on her face letting her know she was serious, and Ashley hopped up out of her seat to help her before Rita changed her mind. The liquor was definitely playing a role in what was going on, but I think some of it was still Rita as she let Ashley slide her bra off and toss it into oblivion. Almost immediately Ashley’s hands cupped Rita’s tits in her hands as she kissed her hard on the lips.

“Holy Sh*t, is this actually happening?” I said to myself not knowing if I was really seeing what I was seeing or if the alcohol was making me hallucinate.

“Yeah man it’s really happening, Ashley and Rita are making out in your lap!” Chris said.

The sound of their wet lips smacking together was amplified in my head as I watched them make out in front of me. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever see anything like this, they hated each other for so long and now look at them, kissing each other in Ashley’s house by Ashley as Rita got felt up while sitting in my lap. Rita sitting there Unclad from the waist up and wearing those tight black yoga pants that I loved so much pushed my buzz to the side a little bit so my brain could send some much needed blood to my Joystick, I was horny, I was Rita status horny, and I wanted her to know it. I grabbed her hips and dragged her across the length of my Joystick so she could see I was erect and ready to play, and almost immediately she broke the kiss and turned to me and bit her lip the way she does when she wants to be heavily plowed.

“There he is, I was wondering what was taking him so long,” Rita said.

She stood up and turned around and slid her fingers in the waistband of her pants and slid them all the way down to her feet, thong too, without even bending her knees. I was looking straight at her soaked Kittycat and took in her scent that was getting stronger and stronger by the second. With Rita no longer blocking my view I glanced over in Chris’ direction who had already stripped completely down and was getting a Mouthaction from an equally Unclad Stephanie. I wasn’t staring at them too much longer as I was slowly being pulled to the floor by Rita.

“Take a seat right here Randy, lean your head against the couch cushion,” Rita said.

I did as she asked and watched as she pulled Ashley’s shirt over her head and took her pants to the floor, leaving her standing there in her panties. Ashley looked embarrassed that her tits were only an A cup and tried to cover them, but Rita was having none of that and moved her arms outta the way and took one of her Tips into her mouth, or she was about to at least.

“Are you ok with this Randy, I mean really ok with this?” Rita asked.

“If you are, then I am,” I said working on still trying to sober up a little.

Ashley didn’t even wait for Rita to turn her head back around, she did it for her and put her Tip right at Rita’s lips who in turn sucked it right into her mouth. Ashley was cradling her head like she was a baby as she threw her own head back in pleasure.

“Oh F**K yes! I haven’t had my titties sucked on in a long time!” Ashley said.

“I guarantee it doesn’t feel better than this,” Chris moaned. “Yeah Steph just like that!”

“Yeah I think it does, it feels soooo good after so long not… oooooh F**K!”

Rita slipped one of her hands inside Ashley’s panties and was fingering her Kittycat. She didn’t know what to concentrate on, Rita’s lips on her Tip or her hand on her Kittycat. Rita must’ve stuck another finger inside her or something because Ashley’s eyes got really wide out of nowhere before they shut closed. Rita pulled her hand out of Ashley’s panties and held it up, Ashley was so wet her juice made Rita’s fingers look slimy, and then Rita did something that surprised both me and Ashley, she sucked the fingers she had inside Ashley into her mouth and licked them clean, making sure she cleaned every finger as best she could and kept eye contact with Ashley the whole time.

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“Mmmmm, you taste just as good as I do,” Rita said as she finished licking her fingers.

“That was the Bleeping sexiest thing you could’ve done,” Ashley said.

“Maybe you can return the favor so I can say the same thing to you.”

“F**K yeah I’m gonna return the favor, and then some! Oh my god Rita Sh*t!”

I’d had enough watching. I pulled Rita back towards me and essentially made her sit on my face. She leaned over so much that Ashley had to get down on her knees so that Rita could keep sucking on her tits. The weight of her Buttocks made my head lay back on the couch cushion as I licked at her Kittycat basically from under her as her juice ran down the sides of my face.

“Yes! Eat that Kittycat Randy while I sit on your face!” Rita groaned.

I was all too happy to do what she asked, I licked her Kittycat, sucked on her Kittycat, I even nibbled on her Kittycat as my nose sat right at her asshole. I had to keep coming up for air in between licks, and no matter how much I licked and licked she just stayed wet, which was normal when she was this horny. My Joystick was trapped in my pants aching to get out, but I couldn’t get to it with only one hand because I needed the other hand on Rita’s Buttocks so she wouldn’t smother me, luckily she noticed my distress and began to undo my pants for me.

“Is this for me baby? He looks like he needs some attention…”

“He does, real bad,” I said as Rita started stroking my Joystick.

She grinned that grin at me. “Let’s see if I can do something about that.”

She pulled my pants and boxers the rest of the way off and directed me to sit on the couch. I did and she positioned herself between my legs with my Joystick in her hand, sticking her tongue out at it but not touching it, making me really anxious.

“F**K Chris, right there! God you eat my Kittycat so good!” Stephanie screamed.


I looked over to see Stephanie and Chris had switched places and he was holding both her legs in the air with his face buried deep in her Kittycat. She had his head firmly in her grip, making sure he wasn’t going anywhere until she came on his face, but I don’t think he cared one bit. I cringed in shock, followed by the relaxing relief of pleasure as I was brought back to reality when Rita closed her mouth around my Joystick. She was looking me dead in the eyes as I watched my Joystick disappear completely into her mouth. She looked to be really enjoying herself as much as I was at that moment since she was finally getting the s*x she’s been craving all day, even if it wasn’t just us. Her hands were planted on my thighs as her head bobbed up and down in my crotch, sliding my Joystick in and out of her mouth with ease after having done it so many times. I let my head rest back on the couch and closed my eyes so I could focus solely on the sensation of her hot wet mouth engulfing my Joystick over and over. I was enjoying myself so much and was so focused on not trying to Pour from how good her mouth felt that I was caught off guard when Rita accidentally bit down on my Joystick and giggled. My eyes shot open and I looked down at her to see what the cause was and I immediately found my answer, Ashley had her hands spreading Rita’s Buttocks cheeks apart and her face was buried in it as deep as it could go.

“She’s licking my asshole!” Rita giggled. “It tickles!”

It’s gonna more than tickle by the time I’m done with you,” Ashley said.

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“It’s whatever you want it to be, but you’ll definitely be happy when I’m done.”

“When you’re done with her you should come make me that same promise,” Stephanie said.

“I will, if Chris doesn’t mind me slobbering all over his sister’s Buttocks.”

“No I really don’t, but I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to anyway,” Chris said.

Rita went back to sucking on my Joystick but could barely concentrate with Ashley trailing her tongue from her Kittycat to her Buttocks and back over and over again. Every few strokes she would moan on my Joystick when it was down her throat and send shivers down my spine, and Ashley in turn would do something else to entice her behavior, like sliding a finger into Rita’s Kittycat while she licked her Buttocks, or pinching her clit between her fingers, or darting her tongue at her asshole like it was a Joystick. That last one was most effective because by that point she’d had enough oral play and was ready to be F***ed. She spun around so her Buttocks was pointed at me doggystyle and looked back at me silently while on all fours, waiting for me to shove my Joystick into her. As horny as I was I didn’t waste a second. I slapped my Joystick against the underside of her Kittycat just to confirm what I already knew, that she was wet, and pushed my Joystick into her balls deep.

“F**K YES! I’ve been waiting all Bleeping day for that, god that feels so good!” Rita moaned.

“It looked like it, you look like you just came right now,” Ashley said.

“Pretty Bleeping close,” Rita said as I grabbed her hips and started plowing into her, making the clap of my hips against her Buttocks echo around the room. “You don’t know what you’re missing Ashley, there’s no better feeling than a guy grabbing your hips and forcing hid Joystick into your Kittycat over, and over, and over, and over, and over…”

“I get it, but it’s still gonna take me a little while before I jump back into men again. Right now I like watching, but I’m still gonna keep the physical part to just ladies for right now.”

She started to get up but Rita wasn’t having it. “Where the hell are you going? Get your Buttocks back over here now!” Rita said as she pulled Ashley’s leg out from under her.

She moved her around until her head was between Ashley’s legs and then pulled her close so that her Kittycat was directly in her face. From where I was at Ashley’s Kittycat looked like it was trembling, just aching to be touched, licked, anything, and Rita’s face being mere inches away from it but not touching it was killing her. Every time I slammed into Rita she would bounce closer to her Kittycat, but she would avoid touching it just to F**K with her. Ashley’s legs were starting to shake from being teased so much, and when she got to the point where she was about to lose her Sh*t Rita had mercy on her and suctioned her lips around her Kittycat.

“Oh my god, oh my god, finally! You’re such a Bleeping tease Rita!”

“That’s the key, get them all worked up, and then right when they’re about to burst you attack. You can’t tell me you’ve never done that to anyone, not you…”

“Not for that long! I was about to cry from being teased to bad, I’m Bleeping horny!”

“Then stop talking and let her eat your Kittycat!” Stephanie said from the other couch.

“Hey you let me enjoy this, you enjoy sitting on Chris while he’s still hard!”

“You don’t have to tell me that, that’s a given. I’m gonna F**K his Joystick until he cums inside me, and then I’m gonna get him hard again, and then I’m gonna F**K him some more!”

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“That’s exactly what I have in mind for Rita, and I know she’ll appreciate every second of it, especially the ‘F**K her some more’ part,” I said.

Rita went to say something, but I gave her a quick powerful thrust that threw her off balance and made her fall into Ashley’s Kittycat, rubbing it all over her face in the process.

“You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full Rita,” I teased.

Ashley recognized it was a good joke and actually gave me a high five, but then took it back when Rita threatened to stop eating her Kittycat. I spread her Buttocks open so I could see my Joystick going in and out of her Kittycat. The skin of her Kittycat would drag along my Joystick each time I pulled it out like it was trying to keep hold of it. Stephanie and Chris groaning on the other couch made me look up to see Chris’ hands underneath Stephanie’s Buttocks helping her bounce on his lap. They were making out heavily and looked like they had no intentions of letting up on each other any time soon. Meanwhile back in front of me Rita was apparently eating Ashley’s Kittycat so good that she gripped her head with her left hand and leaned back on her right hand and smashed her face into her Kittycat as she locked her eyes shut, she was cumming.

“That’s it, right there Rita! I’m Bleeping gonna Pour on your face! Oh my god!”

Her little outburst made us all look down at Rita’s handiwork, and while Ashley didn’t Pour or leak or anything, you could clearly see her Kittycat pulsing really fast and hard, like she was trying to push a baseball out or something, and then she did leak, only it looked how it would look if I came or Chris came, she busted a creamy white orgasm, Rita had really gotten to her.

“I don’t know if it’s all the liquor I just drunk, or the fact that I’m horny as hell, or both, but I haven’t come like that in a long Bleeping time, I mean a long, long Bleeping time,” Ashley said.

“You must be messing with the wrong girls then, I… F**K! Oh yeah!”

“I thought that’d get your attention,” I said as I slid a finger into Rita’s asshole.

Rita pulled herself off my Joystick and straddled me on the couch, leaving Ashley creaming on the floor. She sat down on my Joystick and cradled my head next to her tits so I could suck on them while she rode me. Stephanie and Chris made their way down to Ashley while she was still getting her energy back on the floor. Stephanie climbed over top of her and started to kiss and suck on her Tips and Chris got behind Stephanie since she was already on all fours and started Bleeping her again. Rita must’ve thought I was watching them too long because she grabbed my head with both hands and made me look at her in the eyes.

“You know, there is an extremely horny, slightly drunk girl riding your Joystick at this very instant, just because there are two girls over there don’t mean you get to keep looking.”

“One of the same girls whose Kittycat you just had in your mouth?”

She smiled and kissed me, tonguing all over the inside of my mouth. “How does she taste?”

I’ll admit it caught me off guard her saying that, but it wasn’t like she just sucked off another guy and asked me how he tasted, plus I was still kinda drunk too, so I wasn’t upset. “Not bad, it might be the liquor messing with my taste buds but I taste lime and oranges.”

“I tasted that too, it’s why I was down there so long.”

“I noticed, way longer than you were down there with me.”

“Oooooh F**K Chris! Don’t stop! Go faster, F**K that Kittycat!” Stephanie screamed.

“This turned into an awesome Bleeping night! I need to get you guys drunk more often! I haven’t been this turned on in a long time!” Ashley moaned as Stephanie sucked on her titties.

“I’m blaming it on the goose, it’s got me feeling loose,” Rita said turning back to me.

“What? Isn’t that a song? We didn’t even drink any goose tonight!”

Rita closed her eyes as a chill ran through her body. “Randy if you don’t stop talking and F**K the living hell out of me I’m gonna break your Joystick off and F**K myself with it!”

Her sudden change in attitude shocked me sober a little bit, and only served to help m give her what she wanted. I flipped positions with her so she was under me on the couch and I hiked one of her legs up and slammed myself into her, making sure each time I went back inside her I threw my whole body into it, she wanted me to be rough, that’s what she was gonna get. I balanced myself using the top of the couch and the arm rest and just ravaged her Kittycat. I was Bleeping her so hard she kept scooting forward on the couch until she was pressed into it as far as she could go before she fell off the edge, which if I continued down the path I was going would be her next destination.

“There they go again with that machine gun Bleeping,” Chris laughed while still Bleeping Stephanie from behind. “Ashley? Any memories? Ashley? ASHLEY!”

Ashley wasn’t paying Chris any attention, Stephanie still had her Tips in her mouth and by the way her hand was moving had a couple of fingers inside her Kittycat.

“This is exactly what she wants Chris, isnt it Rita?” I asked.

“Yes!! I Bleeping love this! I’ll do anything to be F***ed like this all the time!” Rita groaned.

“See? The harder I F**K her the hornier she gets, which always means…”

“I’m cumming! Don’t stop Randy! Don’t stop, I’m Bleeping cumming!”

“Which always means plenty of orgasms,” I finished.

Rita grabbed my arms and dug her nails into them about as hard as I was plowing into her, maybe even harder, it would definitely leave a mark. I let my body fall on top of hers and she immediately cradled her arms around my back and her legs around my waist, which made it hard to keep Bleeping her fast, but I still kept Bleeping her through her orgasm nonetheless. I could hear every girl in the room moaning clearly, but Rita being right next to me and breathing hard while she moaned took the cake, and made my Joystick swell up even harder inside her. Even though she’d just came, and I usually slow down after she comes, she still asked me to F**K her hard, and I was still just as horny as ever. I got off of her and guided her semi-limp body to the coffee table and let her lay across it on her back. I got on my knees in front of her and pushed my Joystick back into her, making her jolt for a second before lying back down on the table. I held her legs open wide and watched my Joystick penetrate her swollen Kittycat lips, which is one of the best views next to doggystyle. Ashley crawled her way over to Rita and started to suck on her tits while her own tits were dangling over Rita’s face, so she did the same thing to her. Stephanie then crawled up behind Ashley and gripped her Buttocks like Ashley did Rita earlier and started to lick her Kittycat from behind, and Chris came right back up behind her and started Bleeping her again. it was definitely a sight for sore eyes, I was Bleeping Rita, Rita was sucking on Ashley’s titties who in turn was sucking on Rita’s, Stephanie was eating Ashley’s Kittycat from behind, and Chris was plowing into Stephanie’s Kittycat while she ate out Stephanie. If a picture was worth a thousand words, then this scene would be worth a billion.

To Be Continued…